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Holiday Inductions

17 Dec
So, it’s December. It’s a week until Christmas.  I bet there’s a lot of women approaching 40, 41, 42 weeks, and the pressure is ON!!Christmas-birthday

So here’s the thing, Christmas is not a medical complication.  Women all over are getting pushed to induce, for “big babies” “low fluid” “past due”.  Truly there are times where medical status makes it safer for us to encourage babies to come before they are “ready”.  There is truth there, I don’t think anyone would deny it.

HOWEVER, realistically? I’d be questioning the push around ANY holiday.  I understand that everyone wants to be with their family, but GUESS WHAT? That’s part of the job they chose, trained for, invested in and get paid for.

As a doula, if I don’t want to be attending a birth on Christmas Day, then I don’t take clients 2 weeks on either side of Christmas.  Seriously, I plan this way.  There is a chance that many birth workers around the world will be called away from their family on Christmas Day, it’s reality of the job WE CHOSE!!!

I am not going to drag this post out, and go on and on about how I hate the amount of facebook posts I see about inductions around the holidays, it’s redundant at best. Just hear me when I say CHRISTMAS IS NOT A MEDICAL COMPLICATION OF PREGNANCY!!

Enjoy your holidays.

by Robin Sparkles