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Improving Birth!

29 Aug
It’s the end of August, we have been in planning mode for months for the Improving Birth Rally 2013.  It’s only a few days away now. It’s going to be huge this year!
What’s the Improving Birth Rally?  Men, women and children are gathering in cities all around the world to bring awareness to birth rights.  download (6)We are out there getting the word out about birth options!!  Yep, OPTIONS! Did you know you have not only options, but RIGHTS in birth? Yep, you sure do!
This year ImprovingBirth.org did a “Why are you Improving Birth” campaign.  They asked people to take pictures of themselves or their kids holding signs that say “I’m Improving Birth Because….” and then an explanation.  It was a powerful campaign, and I really enjoyed reading through the entries and reconfirming the reason I am involved in this movement.
Lower rates of induction, lower cesarean rates, informed consent and refusal, birth options, family centered care….this is what we are here for.  Doula’s, midwives, moms, dads, we all want better birth.  We all deserve better birth.
I-Dont-Want-To-Change-You-848I am a doula, and this movement is my lifes work.  This is the reason I do what I do.  It’s the reason I get out of bed at 3am and go to a mom’s side and be there while she works harder than she ever imagined she could. It’s the reason I sometimes have to look a mom in the face at 27 weeks pregnant and say, your doctor is not being supportive of your birth wishes.  It’s the reason that I get so fired up, and write blog posts full of profanity.  This!
Improving Birth, Birth Options, Birth Rights.
On Monday, September 2, 2013 we are going to Rally to Improve Birth.  What will you be doing?
We will be out there handing out information, holding signs that say things like “Birth Matters” and “Vaginal Birth After Cesarean”.  We will be out there sharing stories, trauma and happy endings.  We will be out there, and we won’t ever know how many people tejmq6actually read our signs, or hear what we are saying.  We won’t ever know if we change someone’s life, or make them rethink what they have done or experienced.  We won’t ever know the impact that we will have on the people who drive by.  We’re going out there anyway, not knowing if what we are doing is making a difference.  We are going out there, because even if only 1 person reads the sign and decides to do some research, then we’re a success.
I’m Improving Birth because I am a doula, and I think birth matters!
by Robin Sparkles